Friday, April 12, 2024
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Sathoulup Events

As a first activity after its establishment, the organisation started celebrating the birthdays of the renowned writers of Manipur. Their birthdays were celebrated in their respective residences. And the writers were mainly above the age of 60. The writers were happy enough to speak out their wonderful experiences. The interactions with the writers were indeed very interesting and thought provoking. There was also a Silver Jubilee Celebration of the ‘Tengali Karaba Podon’ the first book of Shri Saratchand Thiyam in the year 2005 on its 25th year after publication. On that event, seven old women vegetable vendors from the Khwairamband market who were striving really hard to finance their siblings in their study were selected and honoured. On that day a poetry reading session comprising only of young and budding poets of the state was also organised. Remembering June 18 which is known as "The Great June Uprising Day", a grand ‘Poets Meet’ of 21 well sung Poets of the state with the largest audience size in a poets meet ever in the state was also organised at Kekrupaat, Imphal on the 18th June of 2005. The poems read out in this session were later on compiled and published as ‘ ee amasung pi’ (Blood and Tears) in the year 2006. Another book entitled as ‘Manipur amasung atei wareng khara’ (Manipur and other essays) was also published in the year 2008. From time to time, various study circles were also arranged.