Friday, April 12, 2024
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Sathoulup Events

Human beings have many roles. We would like to bring forth these variegated roles at a time. So, from 2006 onwards Sahitya Thoupang Lup had started publishing the annual International Manipuri Magazine called Saklon with a view of finding a platform to showcase the different roles. We have an objective to publish once in a year with varied stuffs of interest. Moreover, we came to an agreement to circulate this very magazine worldwide where Manipuris are settling. Therefore, we entitled this publication as Saklon- an International Manipuri Magazine. Since the first publication which was started in 2006, we have published six issues till 2012. Saklon has now become a connecting bridge for the Manipuris who are staying in different parts of the world. It has now become a platform for the Manipuris to exchange their thought. It takes a great role in depicting the contemporary Manipuri society. Truly, it is a promising annual magazine which will be the mirror of the Manipuris one day. And the hard working editorial team of the magazine is also giving every effort they can.

Annual Saklon Magazine